In the vibrant heart of Cocody-Angre 9eme Tranche – CGK, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, K-12 International Learning Academy (K12-ILA) stands as a transformative force in education. We are not merely an institution; we are architects of intellectual growth, crafting an educational journey that transcends the ordinary.

Imagine a tapestry of learning woven with the threads of the American school-based system, where each strand represents a milestone from the joyous beginnings of kindergarten to the triumphant finale of the 12th grade. This is K12-ILA, an oasis of knowledge that nurtures minds through the distinct stages of Elementary School, Middle School, and High School.

At the helm of this educational odyssey is Dr. Bouaffo Joseph KOUAME, our visionary Owner, CEO, and President. A trailblazer with a Ph.D. in Organization and Management, specializing in the symphony of Information Technology Management, Dr. KOUAME orchestrates a harmonious blend of academic rigor and innovation.

What sets K12-ILA apart is not just the curriculum we offer, but the philosophy that courses through our veins. We are not confined to classrooms; we are creators of educational ecosystems. Our institution’s footprint extends far beyond the concrete walls, embracing several cities around Abidjan, the bustling capital of Ivory Coast.

K12-ILA is not just an educational institution; it is a dream realized. Conceived over 15 years ago in the fertile mind of Dr. KOUAME, whose journey as an Adjunct Professor for esteemed American Universities has been a testament to dedication and expertise. A journey that converges with 25 years of navigating the intricate realms of Information Technology as a Senior Oracle Database Administrator.

We don’t simply teach; we sculpt futures. The curriculum is not a mere syllabus; it’s a canvas upon which our experienced and vocational staff paints a narrative of academic improvement and achievement. Our commitment is not to conformity but to exploration, providing forums for the fusion of education and cutting-edge technologies.

In the tapestry of our institution, each staff member, be it in teaching, administration, or support, is a luminary contributing to the brilliance of our vision. They are not just educators; they are architects of inspiration, crafting an environment where each student’s potential finds wings.

K12-ILA is not just an academy; it is an experience, a promise of over two decades of academic excellence and a commitment to empowering communities. We are not confined by convention; we are defined by innovation. Welcome to K-12 International Learning Academy, where education transcends borders, and the pursuit of knowledge knows no limits.

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