Your first step to K-12 International Learning Academy (K12-ILA)

Thank you for your interest in our school. We are delighted to share our school community with you, and our website is a great place to start to explore all that K-12 International Learning Academy (K12-ILA) offers.

Important Dates and Guidelines

Every year, our School opens for admission in the month of January. Please follow our admission process below:


Admission Process

How to Apply

Step-1. First Time Users must create an Account with userID/Passwordandusethosecredentialsto access our Admission Link: https://admission/k12intLearningacademy.com

Complete all steps of our Admission process and submit your application.

Our dedicated Staff will notify you about the status of your application to ensure the effective Enrollment of the Applicant for the current School Year.

Step-1. All Applicants to our Institution must fill our online Application Form via our Website:

Step-2. Please submit all Admission Required Documents to our Email: staff@K12-intLearningAcademy.com

Before starting the Applicant’s online Application, please scan and save the following documents under a PDF format.

A. Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport.

B. One (01) recent Photo

C. Copy of current Immunization/Vaccination Records:

  1. Meningitis AC
  2. Tetanus
  3. Hepatitis B
  4. Yellow Fever
  5. MMR

The Applicant must present the following documents as proof of his/her previous academic credentials/achievements:

  1. Full Transcripts of Exam Results
  2. Full Transcripts of Class Reports
  3. Copy of Transfer or Leaving Certificate

Every Applicant must take a Placement Test in the following subjects in order to be placed in the appropriate classrooms.

  1. English
  2. Mathematics


Apply online or download our Application Form, fill and send it to us via our Postal Office Address or drop it off at our Office.



All Applicants must submit the required Admission documents along with their Application Form for quicker processing.



All selected Candidates will be notified and invited to our Office to complete our Admission process.

Registration is now open for 2024-2025.

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