The ownership of K-12 International Learning Academy (K12-ILA) is vested in the capable hands of Dr. Bouaffo Joseph KOUAME. A luminary in both education and information technology, Dr. KOUAME serves as the Owner, CEO, and President of our institution. His visionary leadership is the cornerstone of K12-ILA’s commitment to delivering transformative and internationally recognized education.

Dr. Bouaffo Joseph KOUAME holds a Ph.D. in Organization and Management, specializing in Information Technology Management. His extensive experience as an Adjunct Professor for several American Universities since 2010 reflects a profound dedication to academia. Additionally, with over 25 years of expertise as a Senior Oracle Database Administrator, Dr. KOUAME brings a unique blend of knowledge and innovation to the helm of K-12 International Learning Academy.

Under Dr. KOUAME’s leadership, K12-ILA thrives as an educational oasis, fostering academic growth and shaping the future of students in Ivory Coast. His multifaceted background and unwavering commitment to excellence set the tone for an institution that transcends traditional boundaries, embracing a vision of education that extends beyond the ordinary.

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